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Yelim Seo

Yelim Anastasia Seo, born on September 8, 1997, in Korea, is a distinguished violinist with a rich educational and performance background. She began her musical journey at Busan Art High School in Korea, majoring in violin, and later earned her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from Keimyung University. During her undergraduate years, she achieved numerous awards, including first prizes at the Shilla University National Competition and the Changwon National Music Association, and served as the Concertmaster of the Ulsan Youth Orchestra. Yelim further honed her skills by participating in the Keimyung University Ensemble Research Presentation and founding the “Eungabi” Ensemble Team.


In 2019, she performed as a violin soloist with the Daegu MBC Symphony Orchestra and completed her studies at Keimyung University. Following her graduation, she collaborated with various prestigious orchestras, such as the Daegu Provincial Symphony Orchestra and the Luce Symphony Orchestra. Currently, Yelim is pursuing her Master of Music in Violin Performance at the University of North Texas on an 80% scholarship, where she also performed as the Concertmaster of the UNT Symphony Orchestra and played A. Vivaldi's Violin Concerto No.1 with the Youth Symphony of Denton. Throughout her career, Yelim has demonstrated exceptional dedication and talent, establishing herself as a prominent figure in the field of violin performance. Miss Seo is curenlyt working as a violin instructor in Royal Music Academy.

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