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Students Reward 

Royal Music Academy is an internationally recognized music school founded by experienced musicians in DFW area. Here, we believe each child will develop and enjoyment appreciation for the beauty of music. We help students express their passion and build their confidence through learning and performing music. The Royal Music Academy provides lessons in piano, violin, viola, cello, double bass, and flute. We also exclusively offer classes in chamber music, theory, all-region/state preparation, and royal conservatory exam preparation. We the only authorized location for the Royal Conservatory Examination in Plano. Studying music at the Royal Music Academy is a wonderful journey, so come join us and let us help you to find your own path in the world of music!


TMEA All Region High school


region 25  (Plano Allen Lovejoy Wylie)


1st Chair        Isabella Pan 1st Chair(Principal Cellist)

2nd Chair      Eric Yang(Associate Principal cellist)

4th Chair       Edward Mou 

21th Chair      Alex Chen 

24th Chair。  Anthony Chen 

35th。             Ethan Fan 

36th。             Jackson Peng 


Region 20( Dallas Area include all private school)


4th Chair      Julia Pan 

6th chair       Aaron Kuang 

13th chair      Jackson Zhang

1st Alternate  Henderson Zhang


Region 24 ( Frisco Mckinney Prosper Sherman)


15th chair      Kevin Yu (Symphony ochestra)

17th chair.     Andrew Sun

(1st chair of Phiharmaic orchestra) 


TMEA All Region Middle school


Region 25 (Brahms and Beethovan 6-8年级组)




3rd Chair     Kevin Yu

8th Chair.     Terrence Mower

9th Chair.      Roy Bao 

14th Chair.     Christina Zhao

18th Chair.      Ricky Wang

19th Chair.      Max Chang

21th Chair.      Lin xi

29th Chair.      Lucas Wu

30th Chair.      Ally Liew





11th Chair       Shiqing(Ellie)Tang

33th chair。   Eugene Wang

37th Chair。   Haijun Zhang

38th Chair。   yuehan(Amy)Li




Region 25 ( Bach 6-7年级组)




1st Chair         Emily Wu

4th Chair        Claire Wang

7th Chair.       Athena Yu

9th Chair.       Zachary Du

10th Chair.      Ann Zhang

12th Chair.       Isabella Zhou

15th chair.        Brain Wu

16th Chair.        Victoria Wong

17th chair.         Dylon Mao

 (1st Alternative)




40th Chair      Anousheka Nair



Region 24 (Chamber Orchestra 6-8年级组)


2nd Chair.   Jason Li

12th Chair.   Amanda Ye

19th Chair.   Amy Shi


23th chair.     Vanilla Zhang

25th Chair.     Ethan Liu



Region 24 (Concert Orchestra 6-7年级组)



4th Chair。    Cathy Cheng


6th Chair       victoria Liang

11th Chair       Felicia Huang

Region 24 High School

Rank 2, Joshua McCulley ( Apply for All State in January )


Region 24 middle School

Rank 1, Alexa Fechter


Region 25 Middle School

Rank 3, Alexander Shan

Rank 4, Erica Weiss

Rank 11, Ethan Zhou



All new Royal Music Academy students are elligible for one free 30-minute trial lesson. This is a no stress, hassle free opportunity to get a feel for our program and decide if Royal Music Academy Music School is the right fit for you.

​When you come in for your free trial lesson, you'll meet your teacher, talk about past musical experiences and discuss musical goals. What made you decide to book a lesson. 



The first lesson is all about getting to know eachother.

​What are your musical influences? Have you ever taken lessons before?


Next, your instructor will gain an understanding of your current skill level. If you have something prepared, now's your chance to play! 



What do you hope to gain from lessons? Writing  your own music? Playing with others? What brings you to Royal Music Academy?


Based on your goals, tastes and learning style, your instructor will outline a personalized plan to get you learning music today.

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