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Mi Sun Cheong

Mi Sun Cheong was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea where she started playing the piano at age 6. Ms. Cheong received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with honors in Seoul National University, the most prestigious music education institution in South Korea. After completing her BM and MM in Piano performance, Ms. Cheong moved to Texas, and currently pursuing her DMA degree at University of North Texas, where she worked as a Teaching Fellow,

under the direction of Dr. Pamela mia Paul.

Ms. Cheong has received numerous honors, scholarships, and awards during her career. Including graduation in BM degree with summa cum laude, not only honored numerous academic awards in competitive, also awarded in plenty of competitions. She has received many honors throughout Korea, including First Prize in the Seoul Arts Competition.Ms. Cheong's concert activities have encompassed a wide range of activities, from solo to collaborative. In Korea she has appeared as a soloist in Seoul and in Jeju. She has also concertized in Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States. Recently, she was invited to perform as a soloist and collaborative pianist in the International Chamber Series by Lewisville Lake Symphony. Her collaborative work spans a wide range of instruments. Furthermore, Ms. Cheong has tremendous interests in education and piano pedagogue. She has taught numerous students as a private lesson instructor since 2015, teaching students in piano 

majors, music majors, and non-music majors, from children to adults. In her nation, she obtained Teaching Qualification (Teacher’s License) at middle and high school, volunteered to teach various students: middle school students, high school students, arts school students, and even handicapped students. Ms. Cheong continuing her teaching career in the United States, teaching private and group piano courses at University of North Texas as a Teaching Fellow and working as a piano instructor in Royal Music Academy.

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