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Ishan Wang

Ishan completed her master degree in piano performance from University of Taipei in Taiwan. She is currently pursuing her master degree in Collaborative Piano at University of North Texas, and she will be continuing her doctoral program in Fall 2022. Her major mentors include Steven Harlos, Elvia Puccinelli, Pei-Chun Liao and Sou-Tin Chen. 

    Active in vocal and instrumental areas, Ishan has performed in numerous concerts and festivals in Taiwan and United States. Recently, she performed in the Winner’s Concert with violinists Dan Qiao and Minju Lee at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall. This year, Ishan has played in Abilene Philharmonic concerts as an orchestral pianist, and she was a last-minute (within 24 hours) substitute for pianist John Boswell, playing The Wonderfully Wicked Music of OZ with Broadway singers. 

Director of Winds and Percussion Department

​Syos Music Products Artist

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