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Guochen Liu

Guochen Liu, a talented pianist with a passion for music, has taken her on a journey of creativity and expression. Born and raised in China, Guochen developed an early love for the piano and began playing at four. As she grew older, she honed his skills and was accepted into the Xinghai Conservatory of Music in China. She earned her master's degree at Indiana University and continued pursuing a doctorate at UNT.

A rich, lyrical touch and a deep understanding of musical structure characterize her playing. Guochen has worked and studied with many piano masters like Emile Naoumoff, Adam Wodnicki, Anne Epperson, Sung-Mi Im, and Renaat Beheydt. To explore the diversity of piano playing, she also studied Jazz with Thomas Walsh. 

Guochen is a versatile pianist with a repertoire encompassing classical, contemporary, and collaborative music. She held several solo and chamber music concerts and often participated in the community's public benefit music activities. Aside from her performance career, Guochen is also dedicated to music education. She actively engaged in piano teaching and worked for the Young Pianist Project at Indiana University, inspiring young musicians to pursue their passions and dreams. Her teaching style is fun and efficient, with great patience and responsibility.

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