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Violetta Zharkova

VIOLETTA (VITA) ZHARKOVA was born and raised in the Siberian region of Russia. She graduated from the Novosibirsk State Conservatory in 1996 where she received a Bachelor's degree, and Master's Degree in piano performance with honors, and has been teaching since 1g97. Violetta has studied with one of Russia's leading piano professors, Mary Lebenzon (the pupil of famous pianist Goldenveiser), one of Russia's leading piano professors. In her early years, Ms. Vita performed throughout Russia and was a prize winner of several regional competitions" After graduating from the conservatory, she was invited to join the piano facul$ of Novosibirsk Special Music School for Gifted Children' A number of her students were prize-winners in different regional and international competitions such as Young Pianists International Competitions in Rome (ltaly), Ukraine, Andorra and Germany. Many of Ms. Vita's students are currently studying at Conservatories and Universities in Moscow, Germany and the united States. On top of her successful career as a piano pedagogue, Violetta also kept a performance career with concerts in Novosibirsk and other cities of Russia. ln 2AA2-2003 she was invited to perform a series of concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Violetta is a member of Dallas Music Teachers Association ( DMTA), Frisco Music Teachers Association (FMTA), and Texas Music Teachers Association {TMTA). In recent years her piano students wonnumefous awards at various piano competitions, such as:


Dallas Piano Solo Competition - 2|16three 2nd places, 2A17 fiand two 2nd places, 201g 2nd, two 3'd and one 4th places, 2A1g lFI,2nd, 3rd, and two 4th places, 2020 two 2nd, two 3rd. and three 4tn places, 2A21 3{d and 4th places.

North Texas Young Artist Competition 2019 four 2nd,and one 3d places, 202A fuo 3rd places, 2021 one 1st place.


Dallas Symphonic FestivallCompetition 2A15 2nd and 4th places, 2Afi 4th and Sth places, 2018 4t place, 2021 1st,3rd, and 4th places, 2022 btro 1st places and one 6th"


Corpus Christi International Youth Sonatalsonatina Competition 2018 1st prize with honors plus,

2020 1st prize with special honors double plus, and two 1st prize with Special honors ptus, 2022 1sr prize with special honors double plus.


American Prot6g6 lnternational Competition 2014 two 1st places, 2017 three 2nd places, 2e2A fl place, 2A21 2nd place.

Texoma Piano Competition 2AZ1 &r,to 1st places.

Plano Trophy Competition 2017 znd place, 2018 one 1st and two 2nd places. The winners of some international competitions performed at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Hubbard-Males piano competition ZA2O fl place.
Steinway & Son Young Artist Competition 2}1rg znd place.


Denison Performing arts piano competition 2022 {ua.l sr and one 2nd places. suzanne culley Piano competition 2o2z one 1st and one 2nd places.


Frisco Trophy Competition 2016 four 1st, two 2nd, three 3d places, 20j7 two 1st, two Znd places, 2018 three 1st places, 2022 three 1st, four 2nd, and one 3'd places.

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